I am extremely happy with the way Adam teaches; he makes learning to play and read music simple and easy and very enjoyable.
– Renee Bujnovsky
This book has taught me a lot in a very interesting, interactive, and fun way! After I read and completed the lessons, I understood things I hadn't before in my years of playing!
– Lillian G.
For all its simplicity, the concepts of Emotional Pitch® are tools which I've come to rely on in my playing. I could not recommend this book enough.
– John LaRovere
Adam Baxley has a method of teaching that is both fun and easy to learn. You will never stop seeing progress in your playing.
– Lucas Glanzmann
The method for learning music that Adam has developed is by far more effective than anything I've tried to-date.
– Stu D'Alessandro
The Emotional Pitch® course is invaluable. It gives answers to the fundamental questions raised by songwriting while still being easy to follow and apply. It has greatly expanded my understanding of music. I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their songwriting skills, regardless of how advanced they are in music theory. Like I said, invaluable.
– Taylor Savant

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