Teffin's Story

My name is Teffin Punnackal.

I'm excited to have this opportunity to tell you why Emotional Pitch® has been the key to opening the musical door for me. This amazing product has expanded my musical knowledge to a level I never thought was possible.

I believe Emotional Pitch® will help expand your knowledge as well.

Why do I believe this? Over the last 12 years of studying music, I noticed something that teachers and instructors have in common. All focus is placed on how to play an instrument (which, as you know, is important), but the why or art seems to be an afterthought. Emotional Pitch® focuses on the “art” of music which gives a better understanding as to why.

I am one of the fortunate students who has been there from the beginning all the way to the musical solution that is now known as Emotional Pitch®. I definitely believe this tool should be in every musician's toolbox!

My time at the University

I remember being in my University orchestra class, sitting in the back of the room with the “deer caught in a headlight” look. What was all this fancy jargon the conductor was throwing around? Was I really paying $400 to have this confused expression permanently etched onto my face? Apparently I needed to sign up for a different class if I wanted to learn the inner workings of music (and the jargon that went with it).

As I entered my second year of college, I began taking an entirely separate class to learn the art/theory of music. The class cost about $400, not including the $150 for the supplemental textbook. One particular day, I was sitting in a classroom full of music majors listening as everyone, including the teacher, talked about the names of different chords and scales. Unsure of what was being said, I started to worry if I was going to understand the material being taught in class.

Later that day, I met up with Adam for my weekly lesson. I asked about the different ideas and concepts that I was having difficulties learning. With his assistance, I was able to understand the subject matter using a series of tools that he taught. I kid you not when I say that it took a little less than half an hour to learn a concept that took days for these music majors to grasp. As time went on, I began to realize that the other students were still having issues understanding the course material. With the tools that Adam and Emotional Pitch® had provided, I was able to fully grasp what was taught in class.

The door to understanding how and why music works was inching open every single day.

I always worried during exams that I would be the last to finish. After all, I was the only student in the class that was not pursuing a major in music (sorry, I forgot to mention that I am not a music major). The fear that I would never be as good as the other students came from the common conception that portrayed music as being complex, abstract, and magical.

The day had come to take our first exam. Unsure of what to expect, I started writing the tools that I had learned from Adam and began answering the questions one by one. After finishing, I looked up expecting to be the only one left. I was surprised to see the entire class still taking the exam. Positive I must have missed something that the other students were stuck on, I double-checked, if not triple-checked, every test question. To my knowledge, there were no mistakes.

The following week, I found out that I had scored in the top 10% of the class!

The feeling I felt inside was indescribable as I realized that I actually knew what was going on. It was hard to believe that I was grasping the “art” of music. For the first time in a long while, I had nothing but confidence in my knowledge of music. I have no one else to thank but Adam and Emotional Pitch®.

My goal is to write a story, paint a picture, make my audience actually feel specific emotions and visualize my music. I didn’t learn this from my friends, my books, or my classes; I learned it from Adam. Now I write and read songs on a deeper level and actually have an idea of how a song will sound before I play it.

Emotional Pitch® is not just a book, but a course that lets you unravel music at your own pace with all the necessary tools you need right at the tip of your fingers.

Emotional Pitch® itself is a full-on music course that requires no additional supplementary information.

The tools I learned will forever be locked in my arsenal of musical knowledge. Emotional Pitch® makes music fun and motivates me to take my music as far as I WANT to go. How far do YOU want to go?



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